Ever since I was a kid, drawing and writing were my escape routes. Before long, I would fall into a kind of trance to the point where I lost all track of time and space. I would 'zone out' and forget about everyone around me. It wasn't until I was diagnosed with autism in my forties that I came to associate my ability to hyperfocus with being on the spectrum. Now I embrace the escape that art provides - except the part about neglecting my family! 

For the past several years I have divided my time between freelance writing and studio work. While living in Toronto, I belonged to the Don Valley Art Club (DVAC) and exhibited my art at group shows in the city.

Whether I'm creating portraits, florals, or landscapes, I am not shy when it comes to colour! My style is best described as vibrant and spirited, with influences ranging from Art Deco to Pop Art. Warhol meets O'Keefe meets de Lempicka. I used to think that art had to be serious or controversial in order to be worthwhile. No more. I believe art can be pretty or weird or even ridiculous. What matters is how a picture speaks to you and draws you in.


Since moving in 2020, I have expanded my practice and am currently a featured artist at Martello Alley / Martello on Brock in Kingston, as well as Lakeside Studio Gallery

in Bath.

Visit my shop to see available art. For news about upcoming exhibits, follow me on Instagram.