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“As an artist, I am always taking chances. The moment I stop exploring is the moment I stop creating.”


When she's not writing, Julie can be found painting in her home studio in Kingston, Ont. Whether she is  working on a mixed media portrait or capturing the beauty of a Canadian landscape, her paintings radiate joy and energy. Her use of vibrant colours and clean lines creates a sense of dynamism that captivates the viewer.

Drawing inspiration from a range of artistic movements—from Pop Art to the Group of Seven—Julie brings a fresh perspective to her work that feels both contemporary and timeless. 

Julie's art has been exhibited in group shows and is held in private collections. She is currently represented at the following galleries: Lakeside Studio Gallery, Martello on Brock, and Kingston Frameworks


Follow her on Instagram @artjuliemgreen. To view available originals and prints, check out her shop.


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