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Why being gifted isn't always a gift - TODAY'S PARENT

While the term suggests an advantage, being exceptionally bright, for some, can feel like a burden. Here’s how to handle gifted kids with care.

I have autism. Finally, there’s a TV series that’s portraying it right - CHATELAINE

As We See It is a compassionate and often hilarious take on the spectrum that manages to eschew most of the usual cliches and tropes.

My autism diagnosis helped me accept my fashion choices and feel good in my skin - CBC

I have a confession: I have never understood fashion or beauty. I've observed the rituals of other women as one observes an alien species. For decades, I tried to mimic how these creatures dressed and wore their hair, but it often felt unnatural and deeply uncomfortable to me.

How can I convince my son to accept his autism when the world does not? - GLOBE AND MAIL

As a society, we claim to value difference. In reality, we value conformity so much more. The message he hears every day is that you have to change in order to be accepted.

I'm a woman who was diagnosed with autism at 44 - HUFFPOST

I waited almost 45 years to hear the three words that changed everything. Not “I love you,” but “You are autistic.”

The day my autistic son wandered from school - WASHINGTON POST

At exactly 1:34 p.m., my heart stops. It’s a Friday. The voice on the phone has just spoken words no mother wants to hear: “Mrs. Green, your son is missing.”

More than picky eating: Understanding Avoidant/Restrictive Food Intake Disorder and how to help - HEALTHLINE

I want my son to know that food is so much more than our bodies’ fuel — it’s ritual and passion, celebration and connection. It’s how we say “I love you” without saying a word.

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Having a meltdown taught my son that not even mom is perfect - PARENTS

My epic freakout wasn't my finest parenting hour, but it taught everyone in my family how to better handle mistakes. Here's what I learned.

Her anti-migraine hacks include avoiding red wine and wearing sunglasses 365 days a year - WASHINGTON POST

My relationship with migraines is a long and unhappy one. They showed up around puberty and have stuck by me ever since. No one knows definitively what causes the mother of all headaches, and there is no cure. As they do with many sufferers, migraines have negatively affected every aspect of my life and cost me dearly.

I Thought I Loved To Drink For The Usual Reasons - CHATELAINE

When I was under the influence, everything was easier. But then a diagnosis made me question my relationship to alcohol.

What I Wish I’d Known Before Tapering Off My Antidepressant - CHATELAINE

A stopgap measure morphed into a life-dimming experience. Here’s what tapering under medical guidance looked like for me.

Telling My Son He Has Autism - CBC

“Autism is a part of you,” I explained. “It’s not something you outgrow, honey. But as you get older, some things about it will change and become easier.”

Helping kids with sensory processing disorder - TODAY'S PARENT

As many as 15 percent of school-aged kids are estimated to have sensory processing disorder. Read more about it.

For parents of kids on the autism spectrum, it takes a village - THE MIGHTY

We equate success with self-reliance, yet the more self-reliant we become, the more estranged we are from each other.

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